Garret Paving Cleaning have had their paver cleaning specially built/adapted to provide the optimum paving cleaning service available in Adelaide. The paver cleaning machine features a hot water cleaning system which provides a much cleaner result than the traditional cold water machine. The The paver cleaning machine is specifically designed to clean pavers and comes with a variety of tools, wands and brushes which allows cleaning access to every nook and crevice

Petrol Engine driven hot water machine allowing paving cleaning anywhere and is nor reliant on the supply off electricity. Combines quality and performance with aU.S.A. designed EMF(electromagnetic firing system).

A Honda13HP Recoil start petrol engine
Triple X plunger pump
15mm hose with M22’s
Dual Lance with 15” soaper nozzle

Direct drive
Water Pressure (Psi): 350psi
Water flow rate: 15i/min
Max Outlet water temp: 90 degrees centigrade
Engine Horsepower: 13HP
Model: Honda
Start: Recoil
Type: GX390
Pump – Type: AR Italian
Speed: 2800 Rpm direct
Unloader ValveL: External
Burner: C2 Burner
Max water temp: 90 degrees centigrade

Garrett Paver cleaning only use the Hydron Protection Systems range of paver cleaners, solvents and sealers. Hydron Protection Systems are a South Australian success story having commenced business 1958 and now sell their range of paving treatment products to the DIY and construction industries across Australia and Asia. Garrett’s paving cleaning have a strong bond with Hydron Protection on whom they rely to give expert technical advice. Combined the two companies have decades of experience in paving and between them will determine the best solution for now and in the future for any paving cleaning job.

Please make a appointment asap if you have deadline you want met!!